Circus Skills Workshops

For adults and children alike

Elfic brings expertise, enthusiasm and a trunk full of circus equipment to fairs, schools, youth clubs, parties and any other events.

Learn to ...

  • Juggle
  • Ride a unicycle
  • Walk on stilts
  • Throw a diablo
  • Spin a plate
  • Manipulate a devilstick
  • Swing Poi
... but not all at the same time!

Ideal for improving co-ordination, dexterity and balance, developing concentration, perseverance and confidence ... and not forgetting the fact that it is a lot of fun as well!

Workshops can last an hour, a morning, a day or a week depending on needs - longer workshops can be booked to lead to the creation of your own circus performances - (see below).

Circus in a Day

Elfic runs circus workshops through the morning to teach the skills and in the afternoon the students are helped to put these skills to practical use, creating their own routines to perform at the end of the day complete with costumes and music.

Steiner School Workshops

For the past 15 years Elfic has been running workshops at the Rudolf Steiner School - Dartington. He has been working with the pupils teaching them the skills they need to become proficient in a variety circus and juggling activities. This has evolved into the pupils producing their own famously spectacular end of term performances and shows.