A Showdown with Gravity

A hands on day of performances and workshops. Juggling with forces, grappling with gravity, balancing acts and falling down!

Prof. Elfic brings his scientific head, his juggling expertise, buckets of enthusiasm and a trunk full of circus equipment to your school for one exciting and educational day. By applying the principles of forces and motion to circus skills he presents a fun yet very memorable way of learning about science.

The day is aimed at 9 - 11 year olds starting with a one hour show for all classes involved, followed by workshops for each class individually (length dependant on number of classes participating).

The Show

In his own inimitable, madcap style, Prof. Elfic sets out to defy the laws of gravity and understand what forces are all about. He performs spectaculer feats of juggling, high unicycling, ladder walking and balancing acts to amaze and delight. There is much audience participation, comedy and laughter. However there are some serious questions to be asked! Why do objects fall, slow down, speed up, change direction or remain balanced? Isaac Newton meets Charlie Chaplin as Prof. Elfic endeavers to uncover the truth, whilst he grapples with gravity.

Key Stage 2 - Forces

Within the show Prof. Elfic explores all of the concepts required for KS2 Forces and a little more besides. Using practicalexamples, observation and experiment he helps the pupils gain a better understanding of the subject. They are actively encouraged to participate and give their own observations and conclusions. A follow-up worksheet is given out after the show. The following areas are covered:-

  • Forces as Pushes and Pulls
  • Gravity, Friction and Air Resistance
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  • Centres of Gravity
  • Measurement of Forces
  • Magnetic Forces
  • Springs

Circus Skills

Obviously a lot of fun and in this instance a useful tool for exploring science, but they are also very beneficial in other ways. Physically for improving co-ordination dexterity and balance, whilst mentally for developing concentration, perseverance and confidence. Participants come away with a sense of achievement, having learnt new skills. It also gives certain children a chance to shine who may rarely do.