Who is Elfic?

Rupert Elford, (a.k.a. Elfic the Jester and Professor Elfic), graduated in 1988 from Bristol University with a BSc in Chemistry and an ability to juggle. However his passion for circus skills and performance gravitated him towards a career in entertainment. After countless hours of obsessive practice and a stint at Cicus School, Rupert mastered the arts of toppling off tightropes, wobbling on unicycles and juggling dangerous objects.

His alter ego, Elfic the Jester was born in 1992 and has since entertained young and old in every imaginable venue in the South West. In 1995 he inadvertently won 'Jester of the Year' in Covent Garden and more recently has performed as one half of 'The Desmond Tutus Unicycle Ballet Troupe'. He has been teaching circus skills in schools, youth clubs and community centres for many years now, which has proved successful and popular. In Prof Elfics' Science Circus Rupert at last has the chance to combine his scientific knowledge with his circus experience.